Procurement Opportunities
Please note that any updates, bulletins and/or clarifications regarding the following procurement opportunities will be posted on this website only. Interested companies are advised to check regularly during the pre-submission period for any additional information that may be posted.
Items are listed in order of package number.

 Drilling Packages Awarded - WREP

Helge FjermerosM.H. Wirth Butangen 20, NO-4639 Kristiansand, Norway +47 38 05 70 00
Helge FjermerosM.H. WirthButangen 20, NO-4639 Kristiansand, Norway+47 38 05 70 00
Helge FjermerosM.H. Wirth Butangen 20, NO-4639 Kristiansand, Norway +47 38 05 70 00
Helge FjeremosM.H. Wirth  Butangen 20, NO-4639 Kristiansand, Norway+47 38 05 70 00
Helge FjeremosM.H. WirthButangen 20, NO-4639 Kristiansand, Norway+47 38 05 70 00

 EOI Packages

Contract Award
EOI-101414-441.0 - Tank HeatersEOI-101414-441.0 - Tank Heaters9/18/2017Q2-2018
EOI-101414-441.0 Supplier Pre-Qualification QuestionnaireEOI-101414-441.0 Supplier Pre-Qualification Questionnaire9/18/2017Q2-2018
EOI-101414-908.0 Prefabricated Walk-in Coolers and FreezersEOI-101414-908.0 Prefabricated Walk-in Coolers and Freezers9/12/2017Q4-2017
EOI-101414-908.0 Prefabricated Walk-in Coolers & Freezers Supplier Pre-Qualification QuestionnaireEOI-101414-908.0 Prefabricated Walk-in Coolers_Freezers Supplier Pre-Qualification Questionnaire9/12/2017Q4-2017
EOI-101414-906.0 Supply of Hand DryersEOI-101414-906.0 Supply of Hand Dryers9/12/2017Q4-2017
EOI-101414-906.0 Supply of Hand Dryers Supplier Pre-Qualification Questionnaire-Rev 1EOI-101414-906.0 Supply of Hand Dryers Supplier Pre-Qualification Questionnaire-Rev 19/12/2017Q4-2017
EOI-101414-901.0 - Supply of Galley EquipmentEOI-101414-901.0 - Supply of Galley Equipment8/8/2017Q4-2017
EOI-101414-901.0 - Supply of Galley Equipment Supplier Pre-Qualification QuestionnaireEOI-101414-901.0 - Supply of Galley Equipment - Supplier Pre-Qualification Questionnaire8/8/2017Q4-2017
EOI-101414-425.2 - Drains Treatment Pumps PackageEOI-101414-425.2 - Drains Treatment Pumps Package7/31/2017Q4-2017
EOI-101414-425.2 - Wood Group Canada Inc. Supplier Pre-Qualification QuestionnaireEOI-101414-425.2 - Wood Group Canada Inc. Supplier Pre-Qualification Questionnaire7/31/2017Q4-2017
EOI-101414-905.0 SaunaEOI-101414-905.0 Sauna7/20/2017Q4-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-439.0 - Drilling Drains TreatmentEOI-101414-439.0 - Drilling Drains Treatment7/14/2017Q1-2018Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-440.0 - Flare Knockout PumpsEOI-101414-440.0 - Flare Knockout Pumps7/12/2017Q4-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-438.0 - Oily Water SeparatorEOI-101414-438.0 - Oily Water Separator7/6/2017Q4-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-437.0 - Castings_Forgings Rev.1EOI-101414-437.0 - Castings_Forgings Rev.17/4/2017Q3-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-813.0 - Helideck Landing Platform Package Rev.1EOI-101414-813.0 - Helideck Landing Platform Package Rev.15/29/2017Q3-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-431.0 - Supply of Jib CranesEOI-101414-431.0 - Supply of Jib Cranes5/15/2017Q3-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-728.0 - Pressure Safety Valves (Formerly 706)EOI-101414-728.0 - Pressure Safety Valves (Formerly 706)5/5/2017Q3-2017Click for bidders...
Weir Flow Control
4090 Ridgeway Dr.
Unit 2
Mississauga, ON
L5L 5X5
Tel: 902-625-7202
EOI-101414-730.0 - Supply of Scale Inhibitor PanelEOI-101414-730.0 - Supply of Scale Inhibitor Panel5/1/2017Q3-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-902.0 - Supply of Laundry EquipmentEOI-101414-902.0 - Supply of Laundry Equipment4/28/2017Q4-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-903.0 - Supply of Heavy Duty Blast DoorsEOI-101414-903.0 - Supply of Heavy Duty Blast Doors4/25/2017Q3-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-502.0 - Supply of Special Piping ItemsEOI-101414-502.0 - Supply of Special Piping Items4/21/2017Q3-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-504.0 - Bulk Safety Nozzles PackageEOI-101414-504.0 - Bulk Safety Nozzles Package4/21/2017Q3-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-503.0 - Supply of Bulk Hose and Hose ConnectionsEOI-101414-503.0 - Supply of Bulk Hose and Hose Connections4/21/2017Q3-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-731.0 - Supply of Pressure RegulatorsEOI-101414-731.0 - Supply of Pressure Regulators4/19/2017Q2-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-436.0 - Supply of Sprinkler Skid PackageEOI-101414-436.0 - Supply of Sprinkler Skid Package4/13/2017Q3-2017
EOI-101414-436.0 - Wood Group Canada Inc. Supplier Pre-Qualification QuestionnaireEOI-101414-436.0 - Wood Group Canada Inc. Supplier Pre-Qualification Questionnaire4/13/2017Q3-2017
EOI-101414-725.0 - Nuclear Level Device PackageEOI-101414-725.0 - Nuclear Level Device Package3/20/2017Q3-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-425.0 - Open and Closed Drain Pump R1EOI-101414-425.0 - Open and Closed Drain Pump R13/17/2017Q3-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-429.0 - Diesel Pumps Package Rev.1EOI-101414-429.0 - Diesel Pumps Package Rev.13/14/2017Q3-2017Click for bidders...
Pennecon Energy Hydraulic Systems
2 Maverick Pl.                       
Paradise, NL                      
A1L 0H6
Tel: 709-726-3490
EOI-101414-429.1 - Diesel Centrifuge PackageEOI-101414-429.1 - Diesel Centrifuge Package3/10/2017Q3-2017Click for bidders...
Integrated Flow Solutions
Eric Pink
9807 Whithorn
Houston, TX
USA 77095
Tel: 281-858-2425
Cell: 903-363-3769
EOI-101414-809.0 - Supply of Trash Compactor Package *CANCELLED*EOI-101414-809.0 - Supply of Trash Compactor Package - CANCELLED3/3/2017Q2-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-433.0 - Leg Mating UnitsEOI-101414-433.0 - Leg Mating Units3/3/2017Q3-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-434.0 - Flare Knockout DrumEOI-101414-434.0 - Flare Knockout Drum3/1/2017Q3-2017Click for bidders...
Mulgrave Machine Works Inc.
34 England Ave.
P.O. Box 280
Mulgrave, Nova Scotia
B0E 2G0 Canada
Tel: 902-747-2157
EOI-101414-435.0 - Test SeparatorEOI-101414-435.0 - Test Separator3/1/2017Q3-2017Click for bidders...
Stahl· und Apparatebau
Pfählerstraße 1, Saarbrücken I Germany
Tel: +49-6897-793-0
EOI-101414-808.0 - Supply of Goods Lift PackageEOI-101414-808.0 - Supply of Goods Lift Package2/17/2017Q2-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-807.0 - Supply of Hot Water Skid PackageEOI-101414-807.0 - Supply of Hot Water Skid Package2/17/2017Q2-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-806.0 - Supply of Miscellaneous HVAC Equipment (Grilles, Diffusers, Attenuators, Hoods)EOI-101414-806.0 - Supply of Miscellaneous HVAC Equipment (Grilles, Diffusers, Attenuators, Hoods)2/17/2017Q2-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-805.0 - Supply of DampersEOI-101414-805.0 - Supply of Dampers2/17/2017Q2-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-804.0 - Supply of Humidifiers *CANCELLED*EOI-101414-804.0 - Supply of Humidifiers2/17/2017Q2-2017
EOI-101414-803.0 - Supply of Electric Duct Heaters and Constant Volume UnitsEOI-101414-803.0 - Supply of Electric Duct Heaters and Constant Volume Units2/17/2017Q2-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-802.0 - Supply And Extract FansEOI-101414-802.0 - Supply And Extract Fans2/17/2017Q2-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-801.0 - Supply of Air Handling UnitsEOI-101414-801.0 - Supply of Air Handling Units2/17/2017Q2-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-427.0 - Fire Fighting EquipmentEOI-101414-427.0 - Fire Fighting Equipment9/23/2014Q1-2014
EOI-101414-428.0 - Life Saving EquipmentEOI-101414-428.0 - Life Saving Equipment9/23/2014Q1-2015
EOI-101414-610.0 - Lighting FixturesEOI-101414-610.0 - Lighting Fixtures9/4/2014Q1-2015
EOI-101414-611.0 - Distribution PanelboardsEOI-101414-611.0 - Distribution Panelboards9/4/2014Q1-2015Click for bidders...
Graybar Canada
Shaun Burton
47 Pippy Place
St. John’s, NL
Canada A1B 4H8
Tel: 709-758-6464
EOI-101414-723.0 - Oil in Water AnalyzersEOI-101414-723.0 - Oil in Water Analyzers9/3/2014Q1-2015Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-714.0 - Level TransmittersEOI-101414-714.0 - Level Transmitters8/25/2014Q4-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-715.0 - Magnetic Level GaugesEOI-101414-715.0 - Magnetic Level Gauges8/25/2014Q4-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-716.0 - Armored Level GaugesEOI-101414-716.0 - Armored Level Gauges8/25/2014Q4-2014
EOI-101414-702.0 -Wellhead Control PanelEOI-101414-702.0 -Wellhead Control Panel8/12/2014Q3-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-717.0 - Fire Gas DetectorsEOI-101414-717.0 - Fire Gas Detectors8/8/2014Q4-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-501.0 - Manual ValvesEOI-101414-501.0 - Manual Valves6/26/2014Q3/Q4 2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-721.0 - Compact ValvesEOI-101414-721.0 - Compact Valves6/23/2014Q3-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-718.0 - Analyzers Rev.1EOI-101414-718.0 - Analyzers Rev.16/13/2014Q3-2014
EOI-101414-722.0 - Coriolis  Meters Rev.1EOI-101414-722.0 - Coriolis Meters Rev.16/13/2014Q3-2014Click for bidders...
K&D Pratt
126 Glencoe Dr.
Mount Pearl, NL
A1N 4S9
Tel: 709-570-5819
EOI-101414-718 AnalyzersEOI-101414-718 Analyzers6/12/2014Q3-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-423.0 - Manifold Packages *CANCELLED*EOI-101414-423.0 - Manifold Packages5/21/2014Q3-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-708.0 - Ultrasonic Flow Meters Rev.1EOI-101414-708.0 - Ultrasonic Flow Meters Rev.14/10/2014Q3-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-707.0 - Tank VentsEOI-101414-707.0 - Tank Vents4/8/2014Q2-2014
EOI-101414-712.0 - TransmittersEOI-101414-712.0 - Transmitters4/8/2014Q2-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-713.0 - Pressure and Temperature GaugesEOI-101414-713.0 - Pressure and Temperature Gauges4/8/2014Q2-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-709.0 - Orifice Plates  Restriction OrificesEOI-101414-709.0 - Orifice Plates Restriction Orifices3/21/2014Q3-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-710.0 - V-Cone Flow MetersEOI-101414-710.0 - V-Cone Flow Meters3/21/2014Q3-2014Click for bidders...
Contro Valve Inc.
Bill MacKellar, CET
1967 Route 640
Hanwell, NB
Canada E3C 1Z5
Tel: 506-458-8808
Cel: 506-260-4099
Fax: 506-458-9968
EOI-101414-729.0 - RotametersEOI-101414-729.0 - Rotameters (Formerly 711.0)3/21/2014Q3-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-603.0 - UPS SystemEOI-101414-603.0 - UPS System3/11/2014Q2-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-609.0 - Low Voltage Power TransformersEOI-101414-609.0 - Low Voltage Power Transformers2/20/2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-201 - CCTVEOI-101414-201 - CCTV2/18/2014Q2-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-206 - PAGAEOI-101414-206 - PAGA2/18/2014Q2-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-208 - General RadioEOI-101414-208 - General Radio2/18/2014Q2-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-414.0 - Sewage Maceration PackageEOI-101414-414.0 - Sewage Maceration Package2/12/2014Q3-2015Click for bidders...
100 Wright Avenue
Suite 7
Dartmouth, NS B3B 1L2
Tel: 902-364-7959
Janet Warkentin

EOI-101414-421.0 - Proppant Removal PackageEOI-101414-421.0 - Proppant Removal Package2/11/2014Q2-2014Click for bidders...
Schlumberger Canada Ltd.
2 Panther Place
Mount Pearl, NL A1N 5B7
Attn. Mohammad Yazdi
Tel.: 709-748-7729
EOI-101414-705.0 - Choke ValvesEOI-101414-705.0 - Choke Valves2/4/2014Q2-2014Click for bidders...
Weir Canada Inc.
Chris Lanteigne
2360 Millrace Court
L5N 1W2
Tel: 905-812-0881 xtn 2337
EOI-101414-203 - Marine RadarEOI-101414-203 - Marine Radar1/27/2014Q2-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-204 - Environmental MonitoringEOI-101414-204 - Environmental Monitoring1/27/2014Q2-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-210 - NavAidsEOI-101414-210 - NavAids1/27/2014Q2-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-701.0 Multiphase Flow MetersEOI-101414-701.0 Multiphase Flow Meters1/9/2014Q2-2014Click for bidders...
Roxar Canada
A Division of Emerson Electric Canada Ltd.
Chad Johnson
110 Quarry Park Blvd. SE
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2C 3G3
Tel: 281-879-2605
EOI-101414-726.0 - Control Valves (Formerly 703.0)  EOI-101414-726.0 - Control Valves (Formerly 703.0)1/9/2014Q3-2017Click for bidders...
Score (Canada) Ltd.
Scott McBey / Andrew Stephen
359 McNamara Drive, P.O. Box 3100
Paradise, NL            
A1L 3W2
Tel: 709-782-6333
EOI-101414-727.0 - On-Off Valves (Formerly 704.0)EOI-101414-727.0 - On-Off Valves (Formerly 704.0)1/9/2014Q2-2017Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-202 - Microwave LinkEOI-101414-202 - Microwave Link1/8/2014Q2-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-605.0 - Low Voltage Switchgear and MCCs Rev 1EOI-101414-605.0 - Low Voltage Switchgear and MCCs Rev 112/13/2013Q2-2014
EOI-101414-605.0 - Low Voltage Switchgear and MCCsEOI-101414-605.0 - Low Voltage Switchgear and MCCs12/12/2013Q2-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-606.0 - Medium Voltage Variable Frequency DrivesEOI-101414-606.0 - Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives12/12/2013Q2-2014Click for bidders...
Rockwell Automation
Ted Manning
26 Kyle Ave.
Mount Pearl, NL
A1N 4R5
Tel: 709-754-5585
EOI-101414-607.0 - Drilling VFD System  Transformers EOI-101414-607.0 - Drilling VFD System Transformers12/12/2013Q2-2014Click for bidders...
EOI-101414-601.0 - Medium Voltage SwitchgearEOI-101414-601.0 - Medium Voltage Switchgear11/20/2013Q2-2014Click for bidders...
ABB, Inc.
8585 Trans-Canada Highway
Saint-Laurent, H4S 1Z6
Attn: Gianmarco Di Menna
Tel: 514-856-6277
EOI-101414-602.0 - Medium Voltage Transformers and Grounding ResistorsEOI-101414-602.0 - Medium Voltage Transformers and Grounding Resistors11/20/2013Q2-2014Click for bidders...
Siemens Canada LTd.
Kevin Gregory
89 O'Leary Ave.
St. John's, NL
Canada A1B 2C9
Tel: 709-364-5131
EOI-101414-411.0 -Potable Utility Water Package Rev.1EOI-101414-411.0 -Potable Utility Water Package Rev.110/22/2013Q1-2014Click for bidders...
Aqua-Chem, Inc.
3001 E. Governor John Sevier Highway
Knoxville, TN 37914
Tel: (414) 202-3904
EOI-101414-401.0 – Main Power Generator PackageEOI-101414-401.0 - Main Power Generation Package10/15/2013Q1-2014Click for bidders...
Siemens Energy, Inc.
10730 Telge Rd
Houston, Texas 77095
T: 281-856-4400
EOI-101414-402.0 – Emergency Generator Package EOI-101414-402.0 - Emergency Generator Package10/15/2013Q1-2014Click for bidders...
Eureka Pumps AS
Magnus Poulssonvel 7
Lysaker, N-1366

ATTN: Ame Nilsen
Phone: 47 907 53 467
EOI-101414-403.0 – Water Injection Pump PackageEOI-101414-403.0 - Water Injection Pump Package10/15/2013Q1-2014Click for bidders...
Sulzer Pumps (UK) Ltd.
Manor Mill Lane
Leeds, England LS11 8BR
Attn: Dimitrie Cepisca
EOI-101414-404.0 - Firewater Pumps PackageEOI-101414-404.0 - Firewater Pumps Package10/15/2013Q1-2014Click for bidders...
Florvågvegen 39, P.O Box 23 
5329 Florvåg

T: +47 55 99 94 00
D: +47 55 99 95 44
M: +47 93 01 79 41
EOI-101414-405.0 – Pedestal Crane PackageEOI-101414-405.0 - Pedestal Cranes Package10/15/2013Q1-2014Click for bidders...
Markus Daxer
Dr.Hans Liebherr Str. 1, 6710
Tel: 43 50809 41480 
Fax: 43 50809 41625
EOI-101414-406.0 – Seawater Lift Pump PackageEOI-101414-406.0 - Seawater Lift Pump Package10/15/2013Q1-2014Click for bidders...
Sulzer Pumps (US) Inc.
2800 NW Front Ave.
Portland, OR 97210
Tel: (503) 226-5594
EOI-101414-407.0 72-Man Lifeboat PackageEOI-101414-407.0 - 72 Man Lifeboat Package10/15/2013Q1-2014Click for bidders...
NORD Marine Services Limited
c/o Max Ash
42 Dundee Avenue
Mount Pearl, NL A1N 4R7
Tel: (709) 747-7733
Fax: (709) 747-7799
Mobile: (709) 689-8878
EOI-101414-408.0 - Process and Utility PackageEOI-101414-408.0 - Process and Utility Packages10/15/2013Q1-2014Click for bidders...
PO-10141401-408.0 Fuel Gas Pkg.:
Integrated Flow Solutions

PO-10141401-408.1-Seawater Filter Pkg.:
Ovivo USA, LLC

PO-10141401-408.2 Flare Knockout Drum Pkg.;
V Gas LLC(formally McGuffy)

EOI-101414-409–Chemical Injection PackageEOI-101414-409 - Chemical Injection Packages10/15/2013Q1-2014Click for bidders...
100 Wright Avenue
Suite 7
Dartmouth, B3B 1L2
Attn: Cas Kayko / Janet Warkentin
Phone: 902-480-1031
EOI-101414-410 - Hypochlorite PackageEOI-101414-410 - Hypochlorite Package10/15/2013Q1-2014Click for bidders...
Pepcon Systems, A Division of AMPAC
10622 West 6400 North
Cedar City
Utah 84721
Attn: Brent Orme
Tel 403-865-5045
EOI-101414-412.0 – Gantry Crane PackageEOI-101414-412.0 - Gantry Crane Package10/15/2013Q1-2014Click for bidders...
Pennecon Energy Hydraulic Systems
2 Maverick Pl.                       
Paradise, NL                      
A1L 0H6
Phone: 709-726-3490
RFQ-101414-415 - Aviation Fuel PackageRFQ-101414-415 - Aviation Fuel PackageQ2-2014Click for bidders...
Helifuel AS
Fergal O'Siochru; Ivar Heskestad
Hanaleite 1
5550 Sveio
Tel: 47 53 74 77 00 (FR); 353 864055009
RFQ-101414-416 - Air Compressor and Receiver PackageRFQ-101414-416 - Air Compressor and Receiver PackageQ2-2014Click for bidders...
Atlas Copco
30 Montrose
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC
Canada H9B 3J9
Tel: 514-421-4121
Toll Free: 800-513-3782
RFQ-101414-417 - Flare Tip and Flare Ignition PanelRFQ-101414-417 - Flare Tip and Flare Ignition PanelQ2-2014Click for bidders...
John Zink LLC
11920 East Apache
Tulsa, OK 74116
ATTN: Mike Anderson
Phone: 918-234-2722
RFQ-101414-420- Nitrogen Generator and ReceiverRFQ-101414-420- Nitrogen Generator and ReceiverQ2-2014Click for bidders...
Atlas Copco
30 Montrose
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC
Canada H9B 3J9
Tel: 514-421-4121
Toll Free: 800-513-3782
RFQ-101414-419- Life-Raft Evacuation Chute SystemRFQ-101414-419- Life-Raft Evacuation Chute SystemQ2-2014Click for bidders...
Survitech Group Limited
Gary Ceeney
21815 Katy Freeway
Unit C108 Mason Creek Business Park
Katy, Texas
USA 77450
Tel: 713-973-8777
Website: /
RFQ-101414-413- Breathing Air Compressor Filling StationRFQ-101414-413- Breathing Air Compressor Filling StationQ2-2014Click for bidders...
K&D Pratt Group, Inc.
Shawn Groves
126 Glencoe Drive
Mount Pearl, NL
Canada A1N 4S9
Tel: 709-722-5690
RFQ-101414-418 - Deluge and Foam Pump PackageRFQ-101414-418 - Deluge and Foam Pump PackageQ2-2014Click for bidders...
K & D Pratt
Shawn Groves
126 Glenco Drive
Mount Pearl, NL
Canada A1N 4S9
Tel: 709-724-7276
EOI-101414-101.0 - HP Mud PumpsEOI-101414-101.0 - HP Mud PumpsQ2-2017Click for bidders...
M.H. Wirth
Helge Fjeremos
Butangen 20, NO-4639
Kristiansand, Norway
Tel: +47 38 05 70 00
EOI-101414-111.0 - Cementing UnitEOI-101414-111.0 - Cementing UnitClick for bidders...